3 Steps to Using YouTube Videos For Your Business

Article Written by : Lo Cost Marketing

Watching videos is one of the most common activities that almost everyone enjoys be it on television or over the internet.

So it should come as no surprise that businesses are using this medium as a way to generate more leads.

One way to do this is to use YouTube, which employs AdWords – very easy to do. That said, here are 4 steps that can get you started with YouTube for your business:

#1: Decide what you campaign goals are

Just because everyone else is running a YouTube campaign that doesn’t mean that you have to run one as well. Find out whether your product or service can be explained better with video or just with text. Do you want to build awareness or just drive?

Knowing what you want out of it will get the most out of these paid search campaigns.

#2: Learn the basics

The YouTube model works based on the cost-per-view and not the usual cost-per-click model that we’re used to. That means the audience has to view the video for an agreed amount of time – about 25 percent of the video time.

Yet no matter how you look at it, think of a YouTube campaign as a brand-building or awareness campaign as you will pay whether the viewer goes to your website or not.

#3: Are you building awareness or generating leads?

By means of YouTube ads, you can direct your customers to either a YouTube channel page or to that of a landing page on your website. If you’re trying to build awareness, then this would be a good idea. However, in the case where you’re trying to generate leads, send them to an optimized page on your website.