4 Guest Posting Rules That You Should Keep in Mind

Article written by : Webmaster SEO

Guest posting has been around for a while, and is still one of the best ways to build your business or its reputation.

And even though a number of people believe that guest posting is as good as dead in 2014, here are 4 rules that suggest otherwise:

#1: Reputation building is the focus

Forget link building as it just an after effect of guest blogging and nothing else. It’s time to focus on building your brand’s reputation or your business and that happens only if you write clear, useful and actionable stuff for an audience that you have done your homework for.

#2: No more links to anchor text

It’s time to put an end to squeezing in all the keywords with links that you can. It’s going to harm you now as opposed to doing this a couple of years ago. Now, the common practice is to have link people’s names or companies and leave it at that.

#3: Quality better than quantity

Writing one guest post for a reputed site is better than writing several posts for shady sites. Doing the latter can hurt your site’s rankings and which is why it should be avoided as much as possible.

#4: Know who you write for

Before writing for anyone, it’s important to check as to what kind of posts are made and what their position is on in regard to certain industry issues. At least, read about 10 posts of theirs and comment on them before making a pitch on a guest blog that you want to write.

Make sure you comment on the posts you’ve made as well as distribute your content using social media too.