How Ad Exchanges Protect Consumers From Click Fraud

Ad exchanges have a responsibility to protect the marketers who utilize their services. Keeping a trustworthy image isn’t just good for PR purposes, it’s important for business too. If marketers know that traffic is consistent, they may be more likely to recommend the service to their peers. As a result, ad exchanges go through great pains to protect consumers from malicious behavior like click fraud. Here are some of the tactics used to protect display advertising campaigns from fraudulent activity.

Importance of Protection

Protecting consumers from fraud isn’t just a cost-saving measure. Fraud can be used to manipulate the market and make certain keywords appear to be more competitive than they really are. Through policing fraud, ad exchanges keep banner advertising costs affordable and make sure the market remains pure.

Doing Your Part

Checking your data, and reporting sudden spikes is the most important thing you can do to help protect against fraud on a greater level. Develop relationships with the networks you work on, and make sure you watch your campaigns for sudden inconsistencies.

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