How to Respond to a Ripoff Report

By Pierre Zarokian from Reputation Stars

Ripoff Report was supposed to be a bastion for consumers to out businesses for their dirty practices, but anonymous posting and a lack of moderation have turned the site into little more than gossip. Still, that gossip has real and lasting effects on the reputation of you and your business. If you’re organization has a posting on Ripoff Report, here are a list of actions that you should take to protect yourself and get your reputation back in swing.

Corporate Advocacy

One of the ways that Ripoff Report makes money, aside from advertising over the anonymous postings that it hosts, is to sell its Advocacy Program. The program is designed to assist companies in proving their side of the story, and it’s pitched as an opportunity. It may even seem attractive. The Advocacy Program can have a consultation, they say, and it will help you business in the future.

The reality is that the Corporate Advocacy Program is dangerous for your business and for your reputation. It helps to solidify your brand’s connection to Ripoff Report within Google, thus validating claims (guilt by association). It also costs you money for a temporary solution. This payment would not guarantee removal, nor would it stop future postings.


Reputation management is your best option in these situations. Reputation management doesn’t mean you’re guilty. Many Ripoff Report postings are made anonymously and make unfounded claims with little support or documentation to back them up. Reputation management helps you squelch those untrue rumors and build your brand into a positive and marketable image.

Article was provided by Pierre Zarokian from Reputation Stars. Reputation Stars provides online reputation management and repair.