Is SEO expensive and can you do it yourself ???

Article by Pierre Zarokian of Submit Express Many people think SEO is expensive. Some people that say this know a  little about SEO and feel they may be able to do it themselves. However, it comes down really to your time. Things in SEO have changed a lot in the past few years, specially with the algorithm changes Panda and Penguin. Algorithms  keep changing every few months. If you really have the time to learn all that is necessary and do it yourself, then you should do it. But also you would risk making mistakes, which may result in penalization.

As an SEO provider, I will tell you my point of view. In the last few years SEO has become so much more difficult and time consuming that the prices have sky rocketed to levels that most small business can not afford and are horrified when they hear it. But the bottom line is that SEO is not expensive if you can see return out of it, meaning if you pay it and make the money back plus profit, then it is justified. So what you have to do is consider what several Top #1 or Top 10 rankings would do for you. There are tools that would let you do keyword research and estimate how much traffic you can get on various keywords. When you are looking for SEO provider, then ask them to provide you some numbers of estimates and what they feel can do for you and then you need to figure out how much is each visitor to your site worth and if they will convert. Then you can decide if it would be worth the investment. If you need SEO Services and would like some estimates of traffic, you can contact my company Submit Express. We specialize in SEO, link building, content writing and social media marketing.