Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing refers to a web page that is loaded with keywords in the content. It is used to obtain maximum search engine ranking and visibility for the site. This has been an unethical search engine optimization (SEO) technique in the past. Today it has no value because Google doesn’t give ranking based on this technique.

It used be the practice of stuffing keywords even if the keywords were unrelated and the site is absent of any real content. This practice gave users a bad experience. Google’s Penguin update is designed to decrease the ranking using black hat SEO tactics such as keyword stuffing. Google’s existing guidelines highly discourage the practice. If the practice is continued, Google may remove your site altogether.

It is important to use keyword in your content. What Google is looking for is the use of keywords in moderation. Some say 2 to 5 percent of keyword density in the content is safe. Others advise use of long-tail keyword variations in the content. Another group advocates use of synonyms. In order to assist you, there is a Google synonyms database that will help you to find synonyms. Google tend to reward sites with various tactics rather than keyword stuffing.