Maximizing Reach in Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is a fairly new animal, so to speak, but the usage of mobile devices is on the rise. Buy-side platforms have responded with new methods of targeting users on mobile that cater to the immediate nature of living on-the-go. Here, we offer some tips to maximize your reach in the world of mobile.


Timing is crucial. User intent is more important than ever, so reaching a user at the proper time is important in securing conversions. Focus on your targets and ask yourself what your user is doing when he or she is searching for your product. Include incentives to encourage the user to take those actions with you instead.


Geotargeting is probably already active on your desktop campaigns, but it’s even more important on mobile. Users are more likely to make searches related to location on a mobile device, typically because they are looking for something near them. Keep your campaigns relevant to the user’s location to reduce bad impressions and increase your chances of netting conversions from parts of the country you want to target.

Test and Report

Real-time reporting is one of the greatest assets you have in growing your campaign. Test specific aspects of your campaign, like time of day or day of the week, in separate ad groups. Gather data in real-time and make adjustments until you get the results you want. Reports will show you click-thru rates, conversions, and impressions all in real time.

Bio: Ted Dhanik began his career in the early 2000s, selling engaging ads for and to establish those brands. Ted Dhanik is the CEO and co-founder of engage:BDR, a digital advertising company selling mobile and desktop advertising. Ted Dhanik and the team at engage:BDR are available to help you set up your first campaign today!