Mobile Device Usage Should be Factored into Your Email Marketing Strategy

Mobile Device Usage Should be Factored into Your Email Marketing StrategyAs a marketer, you understand the significance of “getting with the times”.

The future of email marketing is here, and it’s come in the form of a mobile device. Considering the incredible surge of smartphone and tablet users, mobile devices have become the primary source of checking and reading emails. Here are some important statistics that you should consider that explains why mobile is so important.

66% of Emails Are Opened via Mobile

Now that email marketing has transitioned over to mobile devices, it’s important that you begin optimizing your emails to make them mobile-friendly. What that means is that you need to keep the design and message simple and clean. Additionally, if you don’t adopt the mobile marketing strategy, you’re essentially wasting a prime opportunity to reach out to your future clients.

More than Half of Mobile Users Check Their Emails at This Time

Because the smartphone has become such an integrated part of today’s lifestyle, you’ll find that people pretty much carry it everywhere. It’s the last thing that they think of, and use, before they go to sleep, and the first thing that see when they wake up. As a marketer, take advantage of this by allocating certain times where you send your emails. There is no cut-off period with mobile device users, so essentially there are no bad times to send your email. Your subscribers will check their phones anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. It’s important that you engage them and follow the mobile movement today.

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