SEO Basics

Search Engine Optimization, or more commonly known as SEO is the art of maximizing your blog or other site to rank highly when searched for via search engines. If this occurs, your visibility to internet traffic will increase and is perhaps the most important factor of your site along with its contents and design. The main facet of SEO is to figure out what words, or ‘keywords’, visitors to your site will use to look for your page and how to successfully use these keywords in a relevant way to improve your website’s status.

Perhaps the paramount factor to a high page rank is to have your keyword inside of the title tag, or what is clickable when a search engine displays results. While this may sound intuitive, the first step to a successful page rank truly is that basic! When an internet visitor is looking for a site for any topic, an informative, brief, but intelligent title tag will make them more likely to pay your site a visit. The best URL structure comes from using the post title as part of the URL while eliminating the post date. This allows it to be readable to the robots that work for search engines, but gives it a human touch and ideal SEO benefits.

Dealing with SEO properly is truly essential to having a webpage that is both visible and relevant for search engines. While catering to keywords and having search engines love your site may be nice, finding a balance between hits and quality is a necessary and good step to take.