Targeting 101: What You Need to Know to Succeed

The bread and butter of any successful campaign is the ability to leverage data and target users. Buy-side platforms offer extremely granular targeting, with some even allowing mobile marketers to select by carrier or by phone. The ability to segment can’t single out specific users, but it can be crucial in marketing to the segment of your audience looking to buy. Here is what you need to know about targeting if you want your campaigns to grow.

Basic Targeting Tips

Where should the newbie begin if he wants to improve his efforts at targeting? The first step is to look at the obvious statistics about your audience, then segment from there. Ask yourself: what is my target’s income level, his job and why is he looking for this service or product? That will tell you lots of information like your target’s age, income level, home ownership status, whether he is likely to browse from a mobile device and more.

Start with these basics and then narrow down even further as you accumulate more data. You may find some of your early ideas were wrong.

Advanced Targeting

Mobile is a good segment of traffic to aim for, but only if your offer appeals to the mindset of a user on a mobile device. Consider whether that user is likely to comparison shop, and even the kind of phone she is likely to be using while she looks.

You must also adjust your messaging to accommodate the smaller mobile screen. This can be a difficult transition requiring extensive testing. It helps to gather some basic data about your audience, and how they react to your offers, before you pursue mobile.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is a digital advertising expert, with bylines at Venture Beat and AdAge. Ted Dhanik is the CEO of engage:BDR, a mobile and desktop digital advertising company. Ted Dhanik uses digital advertising to grow businesses.