The Benefits of Creating Social Media Profiles

Guest Post submitted by iClimber : Social Media Marketing Company

Today’s most successful businesses understand the value of social media marketing. It is a crucial component of any internet marketing campaign, allowing companies to promote their business and its products on the Internet through social media sits such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg, and YouTube. However, over and above promotion, there are many benefits to incorporating social media strategies into your overall marketing campaign. Here are three:

  • Build and claim your brand name: Through social media sites, companies can create their brand name and tap into the grand audience of the social web. In addition to raising brand awareness, social media strategies allow companies to claim their brand name before losing it to other companies with similar brand names, or to cybersquatters, people who purchase abandoned or unoccupied domains in order to sell them back at greater prices.
  • Help link building and search engine ranking efforts: With the creation of company profiles and links on popular social media sites, businesses can improve link building efforts while increasing traffic to their sites.
  • Achieve better rankings in Google Local/Maps: With business listings featured across trusted sources on the web, businesses will gain better rankings in Google Local/Maps.

There are hundreds of social media sites on the web, and new ones pop up every day. iClimber offers social media profile creation services and can help you create profiles on these sites as well as develop powerful marketing campaigns tailored to the needs of your business.