Tips on writing SEO friendly articles

If you are writing articles for SEO you need to keep in mind that in order to write a successful article you need to have several basic features included in the article. In order for an article to be SEO friendly people searching for a particular topic should be able to effortlessly locate the article. The way it is written plays a major role in this.

Keyword research and selection

When writing an article do research on the topic and select keywords which will commonly be used by people to search for a particular topic. Include many keywords in the article.
Here is a good Keyword Reseacrh Tool to use.

Write keyword rich titles

The ideal situation would be to include the main keywords in the first part of the title and the title should give a good description of what the article is about.

Have sub headings

Sub headings will provide search engines important information about the content of the article and include keywords in the sub heading.

Write informative articles

Do research on the topic you are going to write and write accurate and up to date details and maintain a conversational tone in the article.

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