What Kind of Sources does Wikipedia Consider “Notable”

Summary: Notable sources can come from a variety of industries like scholarly articles, news outlets, and vendors.

As you might already know, published content on Wikipedia requires notable sources – failure to include any reliable sources will likely end in deletion.

The Notability Factor

Wikipedia will only publish the opinions of reliable authors and not other members that have read and interpreted material pertaining to your topic. Meaning, your sources must be published elsewhere.

Sources, from Wikipedia’s standpoint, pertains to the piece of work itself, the creator, and the publisher. So, basically, you’ll want to target an article, book, writer, or a major publishing brand. These are all what you consider “notable” and will suffice. However, be sure that they are all reliable – this is extremely important for making your page stick.


The reliability of a source depends mainly on the context. Now, the editor that’s overlooking your page will judge whether the source matches the set of content that you’ve included. Be sure that all of your sources directly support the information as it is written – no “ifs, ands or buts”.

Plenty of articles on Wikipedia rely on scholarly material – essentially textbooks, academic publications, and other similar sources. If available, use these scholarly sources, as they are high on the list when it comes to the review process. Then, you can focus on what’s appropriate to the context.

Another notable source comes from the news. However, this source often contains both factual and opinion content. It’s up to you to determine one from the other. Obviously, opinions won’t pass with editors, so look to find a well-established news outlet that is known for its accuracy. This way, it’ll likely pass as a notable source and will available for use on your page.

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